Northamptonshire's Words is a website that serves as a platform for all the spoken word activities, events and opportunities in Northamptonshire.
It is the page of the Bard of Northampton, a showcase for poetry and written work of Northamptonshire and an opportunity to promote more of all of this!

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Making Voices Heard

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Its 2021 and lots has gone on, despite very few actual public events. As Bard of Northampton, I have been honoured to talk about these on the radio, shared and engaged in online events and tried my best to help the community keep going :)
That means nothing without the support of every single person who has been to a bardic picnic since it began, the founders and organisers and every other spoken word event and writing workshop that has taken place, is taking place, or will be taking place!
More information about being a bard here [a book by one of the founders of the bardic picnic in Northampton]


Making Voices Heard

Northamptonshire's Words is THE website to share, collect and disperse the amazing amount of 'word' related activities and events that are taking place regularly in Northamptonshire. From one-off story-telling events to regular open-mic sessions, this is the place to find out more!